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from Yasmin and Natalie (Festival team)

Thursday, 16 July 2009

How honest are you? The British Science Association wants to know!

The British Science Association is involved in an exciting new project which could have major implications for our Courts of Law, and one which you can get involved in.

Where do you think fibs end and lies begin? It may seem trivial but if different people have different perceptions of this, it could make our legal system worryingly fickle. Whether or not a defendant is found guilty may be dangerously subjective, and depend on the moral compass of each individual jury.

To enter, visit www.honestylab.com. Your morality will be tested to the limit as you view a selection of video clips and rate whether or not they are dishonest. And if listening to everyone else’s misdemeanours leaves you feeling penitent, get it off your chest in our rogue’s gallery confessional.

The findings from Honesty Lab will be presented at the British Science Festival, taking place in Guildford on Tuesday 8th September 13.30 till 15.30. Honesty Lab’s being run in conjunction with Brunel Law School and the Economic and Social Research Council.

Go online and get involved!

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