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Friday, 1 August 2008

Cultural and social evolution - Katie Price got me thinking

Quite often as I read the news I pinpoint Festival events which address the issues which seem to take up much of the column inches of the papers and about which many people have much to say. A couple of stories caught my eye this week.
Earlier this week Katie Price (aka Jordan, glamour model and reality TV star) was refused access to a polo tournament despite the fact she had paid for a table. I have to admit to being surprised that this kind of thing still happens in Noughties Britain (I don't move in those sorts of circles!), but I was more surprised at how blatant the snobbery of the management was. Apparently she was not the type of person they wanted there!
As I was reading about this I thought about the event we have in the programme which sees zoologists, anthropologists and psychologists examining our cultural and social evolution. How and why have our societies evolved from small groups, confined to people we were related to and who were the same as each other, to huge political and social units? How has dramatic economic development changed the social environment and what is the complex sequence of cultural changes known as ‘modernization’?
Apparently the Social Brain Hypothesis states that large brains have evolved as a response to complex social environments. It’s funny how you can be large brained, yet small minded.

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John said...

I'm surprised Jordan didn't persuade the powers that be into letting her in. From what I can tell she is quite adept at levelling the social playing field shall we say, "the bonobo way"?